Who Is at Fault in Most Motorcycle Accidents?
Who Is at Fault in Most Motorcycle Accidents?
September 15, 2021
What Groups Are Liable for a Fentanyl Overdose?
What Groups Are Liable for a Fentanyl Overdose?
October 6, 2021

When a product is manufactured poorly or labeled incorrectly, it can cause harm or loss of life to its user. And when a company is sued for product liability, it may take steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. If you have a case and take it to court, you can make a difference to others who use that product. But first, let’s look at a few common queries: here are your product liability questions, answered.

What Is Considered a Defective Product?

Product defects come from a few different sources. The product could have been designed poorly, like a chair that collapses when an adult sits on it. It could have been manufactured improperly, the defect stemming from a factory error instead of a design problem. And if there is any danger associated with the product that the manufacturer doesn’t address with a warning label, that’s a defect, too.

What Are the Outcomes of Using a Defective Product?

A child playing with a poorly designed toy that snaps into pieces could choke on smaller pieces. Ingesting food or drinks that are spoiled (but have no expiration or “best by” date on the packaging) can lead to illness or, in some cases, death. And if a chronic pain patient uses a fentanyl patch that releases the chemical too fast, they could overdose by accident. Rossman Law Group employs the best fentanyl attorneys in Boise to investigate claims like these.

Who Is Legally Culpable for the Defect?

Depending on the nature of the product defect, several different parties could be responsible. The manufacturers and sellers of the defective product are often the focal point of these lawsuits. Defects can occur at any point in the chain of distribution. Maybe it’s not the car manufacturer who is responsible for your dangerously unsafe car, but the distributor who sold the part or the mechanic who installed it incorrectly. Find out exactly how the product is defective and you may find out where the defect came from.

If you or a loved one have suffered due to a defective product, consult with Rossman Law Group for further advice. We’re home to the top fentanyl attorneys in Boise and take all claims of product liability seriously. We’ve answered your product liability questions and are here to provide guidance if you believe you have a case.