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Who Is Responsible if You’re Injured While Hunting?

Hunting is one of the country’s most treasured pastimes, but wherever you and your group carry loaded guns, you carry a risk of injury. Who is responsible if you’re injured while hunting? Rossman Law Group is here to lay out the possibilities. We’re home to the best personal injury and wrongful death attorneys in Boise, Idaho—we’ve been handling cases like these for years.


Make sure you follow all safety precautions while handling a gun, loaded or otherwise. Wear sufficient hunting gear to ensure that other hunters can see you and recognize you. If your injury is the result of your own horseplay or inattention, unfortunately, you’re responsible for that injury. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot—both figuratively and literally.

Another Hunter

Maybe somebody else in your group was goofing around and their gun went off or they accidentally knocked you over. If you can prove that another hunter was directly responsible for your injury, you may have the option to sue them for damages. If their irresponsible behavior distracted you and caused you to injure yourself, it gets a little more tricky. Unsure? Call Rossman Law Group for a consultation and lay out what happened. We can help you do that detective work to find the cause of your injury.

The Property Owner

Who owns the property where you’re hunting? They’re responsible for maintaining that property and keeping it safe for others to use. This means clearing away big tree roots, fallen branches, and other tripping hazards. They owe you a duty of care and are responsible for warning you of any potential hazards. If they knew about a potential injury hazard and allowed you to hunt on their property without warning you, they may be responsible for any injury you sustain from that hazard.

The Weapons Manufacturer

Maybe you followed all proper safety regulations and handled your weapon with extreme care, but it still injured you. If you determine that your weapon malfunctioned and that that malfunction directly caused your injury, you may have a product liability case on your hands. The most unfortunate outcome would be a death in your party due to a weapon malfunction. If you lose a member of your party due to a manufacturing defect in a weapon, call a wrongful death attorney in Boise, Idaho for more guidance.

If you or a member of your hunting party have been injured on your trip, determine the root cause of that injury and consult with the attorneys at Rossman Law Group. We can help you determine who is responsible if you’re injured while hunting.