Prescription Drug Birth Defect Lawyer in Idaho

Rossman Law Group PLLC handles a large volume of cases involving birth defects and other injuries from prescription drugs. Our team of prescription drug birth defect lawyers in Idaho is here to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Even though a prescription drug may have received clearance by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), severe injuries and birth defects can result from consuming them during pregnancy.

As prescription drug birth defect lawyers in Idaho, we strive to hold those who incorrectly prescribe these drugs accountable for their negligence while getting the unsuspected victims the money they will need to be able to live their life with such tragic lasting effects. All too often, prescription drugs are over-prescribed with an improper dosage or are widely known as unsafe for consumption during pregnancy. This can be particularly true during the first trimester of pregnancy when cell division and organ formation occurs. This can result in issues during cell division and organ formation that can cause serious health issues in the child’s life.

These resulting health issues can be life threatening to the child, so it is important to act quickly and investigate the root of the cause in order to direct the fault to those who are responsible. These medical bills and the costs of future care can become very expensive and cause extra stress in your daily life. That is why our prescription drug birth defect lawyers in Idaho will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the financial compensation you deserve from those who are at fault when they provided you with the prescription drugs. For more information on our practice areas and previous settlements we have received for clients, we invite you to navigate our website and see for yourself why we are considered a top law group in Idaho. If you or someone you know has suffered a birth defect or injury that may be the related to prescription drug consumption, please contact us at Rossman Law Group to obtain a free review and assessment of your case.