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April 8, 2022
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Can You Recover Medical Bills in a Wrongful Death Case?

The sudden loss of a loved one is always a heavy emotional toll, and if somebody else was to blame for their death, it feels even more cruel. A wrongful death lawsuit will not heal your mental and emotional hurt, but it can make moving forward much easier on your wallet. If you’re wondering whether you can recover medical bills in a wrongful death case, read on for more insight.

What Does a Settlement Look Like?

If you move forward with a wrongful death suit and win a settlement, that dollar amount is comprised of several factors, both economic and non-economic. Non-economic damages, like loss of companionship and emotional pain and suffering, are variable in the amount you’ll receive.

However, economic damages are based on hard evidence and numbers. When you consult with a wrongful death attorney in Boise, Idaho, and they decide to move forward with your case, you’ll need to have those medical bills on hand.

Medical Bills as Proof

Have a record of all the medical bills your loved one’s accident incurred, from the date of the injury to the date of their death. While their health insurance may have paid for some of their treatment, you could still be left with copays or bills from providers who don’t take insurance.

All of these bills should be directly tied to the ordeal that resulted in their death. You and your attorney will have to prove in court that your loved one’s death was the direct cause of your financial strain.

Your Compensation

When you receive your settlement, that money is a combination of economic and non-economic damages, as discussed before. Non-economic damages will vary—you can’t put a dollar amount on the loss of a loved one.

Meanwhile, economic damages aim to compensate you for tangible costs, like a loss of your household’s annual income and any funeral expenses. This element does include medical bills as well. If you already paid off some of those bills, the settlement should repay you in full.

Can you recover medical bills in a wrongful death case? In short, yes. Any expenses that stemmed directly from your loved one’s fatal injury will be compensated in your settlement. If you have recently suffered such a loss and wonder if you have a case for wrongful death, call the attorneys at Rossman Law Group.