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After a car crash, as you build your motor vehicle accident case, be wise about the choices you make. Rossman Law Group is dedicated to helping you establish the strongest case possible. Remember these mistakes to avoid after a car accident and stay away from the pitfalls!

Not Calling 911

Maybe nobody was hurt in this car accident! If all parties involved confirm that they weren’t injured as a result of the crash, you may not think it’s necessary to call the police. But if you’re building a case to seek compensation from any other parties involved, you need that paper trail. Make sure to file a police report, even if it’s just a fender bender.

Forsaking Medical Help

Even if you think you’ve walked away unscathed, get checked out by a doctor after your accident. Some injuries, like impact to the spinal cord, can take days to weeks to show up. Medical records are a part of that paper trail you’re building; your motor vehicle accident lawyer will need as much evidence as possible to build your case.

Chatting About It

A car accident is a major ordeal; it’s understandable that you’d want to talk about it. But be careful whom you share information with, and don’t post about it on social media. You never know who’s listening or reading, and you don’t want any info to get into the hands of an insurance adjuster or defense attorney.

Blindly Signing Papers

If someone hands you a lengthy form to sign, hold on until you can contact an attorney. Don’t sign any legal papers without your motor vehicle accident lawyer present, and work together to ensure you understand exactly what you’re signing.

Admitting Fault

At no point at the scene of your car accident should you ever admit fault. Don’t imply to anybody that you might’ve caused the accident. Be honest with everybody involved and don’t stretch the truth, but avoid editorializing at all costs. The aftermath of a car accident is stressful and can induce anxiety, but avoid “I should’ve” and “I might’ve” statements. The insurance adjuster can use those statements against you.

Motor vehicle accidents can shake your confidence and spike your anxiety—but Rossman Law Group is here to listen to your story and alleviate those concerns. Be aware of these mistakes to avoid after a car accident and be prudent about the choices you make going forward.