Social Media & Personal Injury Claims: What To Know
Social Media & Personal Injury Claims: What To Know
March 22, 2022
Know When Unnecessary Surgery Becomes Medical Malpractice
Know When Unnecessary Surgery Becomes Medical Malpractice
April 8, 2022

Hospitals are places of healing and improved wellness. However, unfortunate incidents happen, and it’s on you to advocate for yourself and speak to an attorney about your treatment. If any of these common examples of physician negligence happened to you, call Rossman Law Group for a free and empathetic consultation.

Misdiagnosis or Lack of Diagnosis

Sometimes the problem starts at the very beginning. You walk into a doctor’s office with a complaint, they give you a quick once-over, and they diagnose you with the wrong ailment. Once they start treating you for the wrong illness, your actual problem goes untreated—and may become worse.

Other times, your doctor may not find anything at all, even when it’s there. They could miss things like injuries, infections, and tumors if they don’t give you a thorough checkup.

Prescription Error

A physician who isn’t taking their time with each patient could rush through writing a prescription. Some drugs have confusingly similar names, like Inderal and Adderall. Taking the wrong medication can complicate your condition further.

Even if the doctor has given you the right drug, have they given you the right dose? Did they go over the instructions with you so that you know when and how to take your medication? Too much of a beneficial thing can turn into a catastrophe, as is often the case with fentanyl overdoses. Talk to a physician negligence attorney if your doctor has made an error with your medication. Your doctor must make sure that you know how your medication works and what dose to take.

Surgical and Post-Surgical Negligence

The classic example you see in movies is when a doctor leaves a surgical instrument inside their patient before stitching them back up. This doesn’t happen often. But what if your surgeon didn’t sterilize those instruments before your surgery and left you with an infection? What if something went wrong with your anesthesia?

Patients who have recently undergone surgery require specialized care to make sure they heal properly. Your body is especially prone to infection right after a surgical procedure. The physician in charge of your care needs to be diligent in following every step to ensure your recovery. If they rush through their rounds and only give your chart a quick glance, medical negligence could be at play.

When you go into the hospital, you have a right to be treated with top-quality care. The health-care professionals treating you must give you their full attention when treating you. However, if any of these common examples of physician negligence sound familiar to you, give Rossman Law Group a call, and we’ll listen to your story.