What Is Considered Hospital Negligence
What Is Considered Hospital Negligence
May 18, 2021
The Main Causes of Birth Injury
The Main Causes of Birth Injury
June 9, 2021

Government bodies and agencies work tirelessly to protect workers and their rights. With safety standards, minimum wages, and union information, employees have the resources to receive rightful compensation for their work. If you suspect that you or a loved one are not receiving your due earnings, here is when to take legal action for unpaid wages.

Paid Under Minimum Wage

Federal and state governments regulate the minimum wage for every locality throughout the United States. However, there is a set number for every place you work, and you should find out what it is. If you realize that your current pay is below the mandated minimum wage, you should take legal action against your employer. Every person’s work is meaningful, and you should receive compensation for your time and energy each day.

Not Paid Adequately for Overtime

If you’re an hourly worker, you have set hours for your job that you must work within. However, there are times when you must be flexible and stay another hour or two to finish the job or help your boss with another project. In those instances, you spill into overtime pay. Since you didn’t plan to work the extra time, and it goes beyond your typical forty-hour workweek, your employer should pay you extra for that time. Overtime pay is typically about a time-and-a-half equivalent to your standard rate.

Not Paid for Undisclosed Work

If you’re working off the clock or helping your boss on the weekends, you should receive compensation. While you can offer your help out of the goodness of your heart, if you are performing work-related tasks outside the regular work hours, you’re still working. If your employer insists that these are casual tasks or more secretive opportunities, they likely don’t want to pay you for your labor. This is wrong, and you should receive rightful compensation.

Knowing when to take legal action for unpaid wages can help you get the compensation you deserve. If you have any questions or would like to pursue a lawsuit, reach out to a wage claim attorney on our team at Rossman Law Group today.