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The joys of giving birth is overshadowed for some parents by traumatic birth injuries. Many birth injuries are common, and may result in physical or cognitive damage in the newborn. However, there are some birth injuries that are critical, and can cause the loss of the baby during the birthing process. Losing a baby during birth is an unexpected tragedy, and it is a situation that must be handled with the utmost care and compassion. If you or a loved one have lost a child while giving birth, you may be looking for answers as to what happened and what you can do next. At the Rossman Law Group, we understand the emotional upheaval you’re experiencing, and we’re ready to help you find comfort and justice.

Causes of Neonatal Death During Childbirth

There are many causes of neonatal death during childbirth. For example, a newborn may be deprived of oxygen for too long if the mother’s labor stalls, or if the umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck. While it is impossible for a doctor to avoid every potential complication of childbirth, there are many times when the attending physician fails to act accordingly. Neglecting to take action immediately when a baby shows signs of distress in the womb, or failure to properly administer care as the baby is leaving the birthing canal, can lead to the loss of the newborn.

While many hospitals and medical officials take the stance that “accidents happen” during childbirth, the truth is that many neonatal deaths could have been avoided. Although dealing with the death of your newborn is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever have to do, it’s also important to get answers and justice for your little one.

Preparing for a Birth Injury Lawsuit

At the Rossman Law Group, we approach each birth injury case with compassion and zeal. We will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your case, and confer with established medical experts to determine if any wrongdoing occurred on the part of the hospital or the medical professionals involved. While we are working on developing your case, we can provide you with numerous bereavement resources that can help you get connected with counselors and others that have been involved in similar situations.

Although money will never replace your child, it can help ease some of the financial burdens you will incur after the incident. Many grieving parents are blindsided by hospital bills and other costs, and obtaining the compensation you deserve for your loss can help ease financial issues. At the Rossman Law Group, we will fight to not only help you get the maximum amount of restitution available in your case, and we also will do everything possible to ensure that those responsible for the loss of your child are held legally accountable for their actions.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case with a compassionate Idaho birth injury attorney. Our attorneys are standing by to provide you the caring support you need during this difficult time.