Common Types of Employment Lawsuits
Common Types of Employment Lawsuits
August 25, 2020
Starting a Medical Malpractice Case
Starting a Medical Malpractice Case
September 1, 2020

If you are injured by an animal or another human, you may qualify for a personal injury case. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer is very important and ensures you can receive the compensation you deserve. Here is a list of questions to ask your personal injury lawyer.

Do you give free consultations?

Before you schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer, make sure the consultation will be free of charge. This will help you find out whether the lawyer is just trying to take your money. A personal injury lawyer who truly cares about your case will give you a chance to get to know the services offered before asking you to pay a fee.

How long have you been a personal injury lawyer?

During your free consultation, you should ask about the personal injury lawyer’s credentials. This will allow you to assess whether the lawyer is qualified enough to win your case. You can also cross-reference these credentials through a background check. After you conduct a background check, you will know whether you can trust the lawyer.

How much do you charge for personal injury cases?

Before you agree to hire the lawyer for your case, you need to know how much they will charge you. This will give you a chance to compare costs with other lawyers’ prices. You should also take this time to find out if you will get any money back for a lost case. Some lawyers will reimburse you if they do not win your case.

How much of your current caseload includes personal injury cases?

Asking about the lawyer’s current caseload for personal injury cases will give you a sense of how popular the lawyer is. Lawyers who have been hired for several personal injury cases are probably very good at their jobs. However, a large caseload could mean that your case will take a long time.

How much time do you need for my case?

Again, lawyers with large caseloads might take a while to get to your case. However, it is possible that your particular case is serious enough to take priority over another case. Additionally, your case may be easier to win than someone else’s, therefore placing it at the top of your lawyer’s list.

How much is my personal injury worth?

Knowing how much your personal injury is worth will give you an idea about whether the price is fair. If you spent a large amount of money on the lawyer, you want your case to be worth more than what you paid.

Hopefully, this list about what to ask your personal injury lawyer will help you choose the best lawyer for your case. Here at Rossman Law Group, we guarantee that you will receive a free consultation. Our disability attorneys in Boise, Idaho, will take the time to thoroughly review your case while showing a level of empathy that you will not find at another law firm. If you are interested in our services, call us to schedule your free consultation today.