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The Kind of Lawyer You Need for an Unpaid Wages Lawsuit

Have you been working a lot of overtime lately? The standard for employers in Idaho is to pay time and a half for hours worked beyond 40 per week. If you aren’t being paid adequately (or at all) for those extra hours you put in, ask your manager about the discrepancy. They may be enjoying your extra productivity at a discounted cost! Ask an employment law attorney if you’ve got a case for an unpaid wages suit. Rossman Law Group will guide you toward the kind of lawyer you need for an unpaid wages lawsuit.

A Passionate One

When you consult with an attorney about your unpaid wages claim, you want somebody who feels just as strongly about wage theft as you do. That’s your labor—you shouldn’t have to settle for subpar pay. If your manager is illegally withholding pay from you, there’s a chance they’re doing it to other employees, too. Rossman Law Group has unwavering empathy for the “little guys” and has a well-established reputation for fighting for their interests in court.

A Knowledgeable One

You can file an unpaid wages lawsuit on your own. It’s called filing pro se, or on one’s own behalf. However, the expertise of an employment law attorney is a powerful tool to have on your side. Employment law can be tricky to navigate, as it’s a specialized area of legal practice. Talk to somebody who’s handled—and won—these cases before. When you call Rossman Law Group, we’ll pore over your pay stubs with you and advise you on whether you have a solid case.

An Ambitious One

As mentioned before, if your employer is withholding wages from you, it’s highly likely that they’re doing so to other employees as well. Talk to your coworkers about their hours—were they paid time and a half for any extra hours worked? If not, you may be able to file a class action suit. When you consult with one of our attorneys, let them know that multiple people at that company have the same complaint. If we confirm that you and your coworkers have a solid case for an unpaid wages suit, we can represent all of you before a judge.

If you suspect that your employer is illegally garnishing your wages, talk to an attorney who specializes in employment law. You deserve to receive the appropriate pay for your labor, and we’re dedicated to fighting for that pay during every step of the legal process. Know what kind of lawyer you need for an unpaid wages lawsuit and search for one with both compassion and passion for your cause.