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February 10, 2021
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March 3, 2021

How To Prove Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination comes in many forms, none of which are absent from the workplace. People in the U.S. have the right to freedom of religion, including in the workplace. If coworkers or superiors at your job discriminate against you because of your religious practices or beliefs, this is unacceptable. Here is how to prove religious discrimination in the workplace.

What Is Religious Discrimination?

Religious discrimination includes all actions that exclude, demean, undermine, or harm an individual due to their religious creed. Religion goes to the core of many people’s human experience and drives their identity and decision-making. When someone at work treats you unfavorably because of your faith, this is both offensive and illegal.

How Do You Prove It?

Like all legal claims, you cannot state your accusations without sufficient evidence. You’ll first need to procure and document all information pertaining to the event or conversation that occurred. Gather any footage or witness testimonies to corroborate the ordeal. If the incident repeats itself, note all dates, times, and possible witnesses. With all the information on hand, you can more easily prove the discrimination.

Many unethical employers discriminate against employees by paying them less or even outright firing them. A qualified wage claim attorney with experience in discrimination cases can help you prove that your employer’s actions were the result of your religious expression.

Religious discrimination requires an extra step of verification that many other forms of discrimination do not—proof that your religious practice is, in fact, part of your religious doctrine. For example, it’s common knowledge that many practicing Muslims wear head coverings as a sign of their faith, so when someone discriminates against you due to this religious attire, you should not feel intimidated—the law is on your side!

Reach out to an attorney like ours at Rossman Law Group for more information about how to prove religious discrimination in the workplace. Our team of legal professionals will guide you through the process and help you find a legal solution.