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Airbags were designed with one thought in mind — to prevent a passenger in a vehicle from striking the dashboard or the windshield in the event of a collision. When airbags deploy properly, they can save lives. But what happens if they don’t? An airbag that fails to deploy may be the result of a manufacturer defect, and you may have a product liability case on your hands. Here’s what to do.

How Airbags Can Fail

Airbags can actually fail in a number of ways, causing the driver or other passengers in the car to sustain much more serious injuries than they would have if the airbag had deployed properly. In some cases, individuals are killed as a result of airbags failing to deploy in the way they are supposed to.

Failure to Deploy 

The most common way that an airbag malfunctions is when it fails to deploy at all.

Late Deployment 

If an airbag deploys after the collision has already occurred, it may not protect the driver and vehicle passengers from injuries as it was designed to do. In fact, it may cause even more injuries if it deploys too late.

Incomplete Deployment 

An airbag can malfunction if it deploys incompletely, or doesn’t inflate all the way. This can result in injuries that are similar to those that occur when the airbag doesn’t deploy at all.

Deployment Outside of a Collision 

Occasionally, an airbag will deploy with no warning outside of a collision. When this happens, the individuals inside the vehicle may be injured, and a collision is more likely to result from the airbag deployment.

Holding Manufacturers Responsible

If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of defective airbags in your vehicle, it is important that the manufacturers of the car and/or its parts be held responsible for the negligence that caused the defect in the airbag. There are many reasons that can cause an airbag to become defective, including design flaws, defective or poor quality materials, or manufacturing errors.

Car and truck accidents can be costly, especially if you and your passengers were seriously injured in the collision. You may be facing years of medical care, or temporary or permanent disability. If you have lost a loved one in an accident due to the failure of an airbag, there may also be funeral expenses associated with an accident. Simply put, you shouldn’t have to be responsible for the costs of the accident if another party is to blame for the failure of the airbags.

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