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5 Important Employment Laws To Know in Idaho

Empower yourself as an employee to learn what your rights are and how employment laws do or do not protect you. If you suspect your supervisor is taking advantage of your labor, look up the labor laws in your area. Consider consulting with an employment law attorney like those at Rossman Law Group; we’re here to protect you and fight for the value of your hard work. Here are five important employment laws to know in Idaho. Memorize them!

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in Idaho is the same as the federal minimum: $7.25 per hour. If you’re a tipped employee (such as a server at a restaurant) your minimum wage is $3.35 per hour. A Boise, Idaho law firm like Rossman Law Group can assist you if you believe you aren’t being paid your full hourly wage.


Any work you do beyond the standard 40-hour workweek counts as overtime. Idaho doesn’t have its own law governing overtime, so the federal rule applies. All time worked past the 40-hour mark garners 1.5 times your regular pay; it’s commonly called “time and a half.”

Leave Laws

Idaho doesn’t require employers to offer time off—whether paid or unpaid, for illness, vacation, holidays, or bereavement. Employers aren’t required to pay for hours spent voting or on jury duty. Many employers still offer these benefits, but the state doesn’t require them—so double-check your employment contract and all the paperwork you signed during onboarding.


The state of Idaho prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of disability, sex, race, color, or national origin, religion, age (if you’re over 40 years old), or retaliation.


If you qualify for unemployment benefits, they last for 26 weeks. In order to qualify, you must be ready, willing, and available to work if a job opportunity arises. If you were recently fired from your job due to misconduct, you won’t be able to collect benefits. If you quit your job voluntarily, you generally don’t qualify for benefits—unless you quit due to a hostile or unsafe work environment.

When you think of the best Boise, Idaho law firms that specialize in employment law, look no further than Rossman Law Group. We care deeply about the hard workers in this state and are dedicated to protecting your rights. If something doesn’t seem right in your workplace, think about these five important employment laws to know in Idaho—you’ve got knowledge on your side.